Face to Face with Jesus



40 postcards portraying images of Jesus Christ from through the ages and around the world.

The postcards come in a box and with a booklet giving the artist and/or source of each image.  A downloadable Powerpoint presentation with the images is also included in this purchase. 

Since the earliest days of the church, Christians have depicted Jesus in art. From AD 300 the familiar image of a bearded man with long hair began to emerge, which is still prominent even in much contemporary art.  Images often reflect the ethnicity of the culture they were created in as well as the artistic style of the era. Every aspect of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and kingship have been depicted.

These postcards are a tiny snapshot of a countless multitude. There are pictures of Jesus from a wide range of times, places and styles, depicting his incarnation, passion, and resurrected life.  They include two new artworks created by members of the St Clare’s community. They are designed to encourage people to think and to pray, in worship, discussions, or private devotions. They can easily be added to with other images. Most of all, they will, we hope, enable people to draw closer to the Jesus we are called to follow.

For ideas on using the postcards in worship and small groups, click here.


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