Retreat in a bag – holding cross




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In this bag is all you need to spend a day in contemplation and prayer whether at home or away.

  • This bag features an olive wood holding cross and suggested readings and prayers to use with it.
  • We have carefully selected two secondhand spirituality books to offer inspiration, wisdom or insight.
  • There is a candle which burns for 13+ hours, so can stay lit for the whole day.
  • There is a quality leather bound notebook and a pen so you can jot down thoughts and ideas.
  • Spend time in quiet contemplation just looking at one or both of the images on the Gazing Cards.
  • And finally… have a cup of tea on us, with a choice of three teabags.

Please note that the books shown in the photo are for illustrative purposes and each bag will have different books, not those shown. 

Also, matches are no longer included due to postage restrictions.



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