Advent in a Bag for Children

Around this time last year, I was delighted to stumble on a wonderful idea in the Facebook Group, Church, Christmas and Covid, ‘Advent in a Bag’ for children. We used it at St Clare’s in conjunction with a whole church activity on Advent Sunday when we made Advent Candles.

A few weeks ago, one of our Mums asked if there would be bags this year, so I decided that this time, I would need to come up with my own ideas.

Each week has a main symbol, which is the symbol for the week on the advent candle, and also reflects what we will be thinking about in church each week (we are using the Isaiah readings during Advent this year), but they work equally well as a stand-alone bag.

For each week of Advent the bag contains a worksheet and an activity. I used the Baker Ross website to source craft ideas, but they can easily be adapted or reworked. The sheets are downloadable below, and the additional items I am adding to the bag are as follows. Any bag will do. We have some nice cotton bags, but a paper gift bag would work just as well.

Week 1 – STAR

You will need: Worksheet; kit to make a nativity lantern; battery operated tealight to go in lantern

Week 2 – HEART

You will need: Worksheet; ‘Heart’ boxes to decorate

Week 3 – ANGEL

You will need: Worksheet; Angel Christmas card kit


You will need: Worksheet; Nativity cracker kits

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