Seeing Afresh by David McCarthy


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SEEING AFRESH offers an informed, thoughtful and multi-faceted reflection on fresh expressions of church. It explores their theological foundations, missional motivations and the cultural influences that have shaped their development, and reflects upon the life and practice of the church in today’s changing contexts. It relates the stories of various fresh expressions of church and asks what can be learned from them. Throughout, David McCarthy draws on vivid examples from popular culture to enliven his analysis and to make connections between the gospel and the world that God loves.
PART ONE gives an overview of fresh expressions of church and how they develop. PART TWO asks what experience has taught us about God, ourselves and the communities we serve. PART THREE tells actual stories from those involved in fresh expressions of church as they reflect upon the wider lessons they have learnt and PART FOUR seeks to discern the church’s future direction of travel.


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