LENT/EASTER: Apprentice to Jesus: 40 Days of Walking in the Way by Cris Rogers


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Discipleship is central to a life of faith – and the Bible model of discipleship is more like apprenticeship than simply learning. This book is designed to help you not simply learn about what Jesus knew, but become more like Jesus by doing what he did.

At the heart of this resource is a self-assessment process, called the ‘Disciple-Making Tool’, which helps you discern your ‘shape’ as a disciple: whether your strengths lie particularly in your hands, in contributing, creating and leading; in your heart, in loving, appreciating and belonging; or in your head, in knowing, thinking and understanding.

Though many disciples can be overdeveloped in one area and underdeveloped in another, Jesus invites us to grow in all three areas in developing towards Christian maturity. These daily readings – which include Bible passages, reflections, exercises and prayer – will help you journey step by step in your spiritual formation for the sake of reaching the world.


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