Revised New Jerusalem Bible (Hardback)


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The very first full-text Readers editions of the Revised New Jerusalem Bible (RNJB) – a Bible for study and proclamation. The text of the Revised New Jerusalem Bible and the accompanying footnotes have been granted the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, declaring that they are considered to be free from doctrinal or moral error. This exciting new text presents anew the scholarship, character and clarity of the 1966 Jerusalem Bible (the first modern English version) and the 1985 New Jerusalem Bible. The RNJB prioritises accuracy of translation and richness of tone, capturing the rigour and poetry of the original JB for new generations. This volume contains the entire biblical text with introductions by Revd Henry Wansbrough OSB to every book. Other features include – * A clear, easy-to-read typeface and original setting. * Prose-dominant books are set in two-column format; poetry dominant books are set in single format. * Formal equivalence. Accurate translation of the language, concepts and imagery of the original scriptures. * ‘Clear read’ style. Uses linguistic style and speech patterns best suited for being read out loud. * Gender inclusion. Remains faithful to the meaning of the original scriptures while avoiding traditional male bias of the English language.



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