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A double metal oil stock for holding anointing oils – oil of the sick or infirm (INF) and oil of the catechumens (CAT). Comes in a leather case.

2 1/2 inch (height) x 1 inch (dia).

The Church traditionally makes use of three holy oils: the oil of the sick (INF), the oil of the catechumens (CAT) and the holy chrism oil (CHR). The first two are blessed, and the bishop consecrates the third, ordinarily during the annual Chrism Mass. Each has a distinctive purpose in the Church.

Oil of the Sick (INF) – The oil of the sick is used for Anointing of the Sick. and can be administered any time and in any place. The priest may lay hands on the sick or elderly person, say special prayers and anoints the person by placing oil in the form of a cross on the forehead and hands.

Oil of the Catechumens (CAT) – Both adults and infants prior to baptism may be anointed with the oil of the catechumens.  They are anointed with the sign of the cross just before receiving the waters of baptism. This anointing is to help ward off evil, avoid temptation and possess the faith necessary to carry the cross of Christ throughout life.

Holy Chrism Oil (CHR) – The third oil is holy chrism oil. Anointing with chrism oil signifies the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is used to consecrate someone or something to God’s service.  It is most commonly used in confirmations and ordinations, but can be used to bless anyone or anything to God’s service.

The Chrism Mass – Each year, usually on Maundy Thursday, the local bishop blesses enough new oils for every parish during the Chrism Mass. The holy oils are then taken to individual parishes, where they are available for use during that year. Though the bishop cannot be physically present at every baptism or confirmation in his or her diocese, but can be symbolically present through the holy oils they bless. After the Liturgy of the Word, the blessing of the oils takes place. In a formal procession, olive oil is brought forward in special urns; the oil of the sick is presented first, next the oil of the catechumens, and finally oil for the holy chrism. The bishop prays over and blesses each oil individually. Once blessed in this way, the chrism and the other oils are no longer ordinary ointments. Instead, they are a holy, precious gift from God to the Church, signifying cleansing and strengthening, healing and comfort, and the life-giving grace of the Holy Spirit.

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