Cross of Nails Pendant – Gold plated


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This beautiful pendant of the Coventry Cross of Nails – a symbol of peace and reconciliation for 80 years – has been handcrafted in Germany, and is made from sterling silver (925), with gold plating and a polished finish.

Pendant measures 2.8 x 3.8 cm. It comes with a gold-plated chain (60 cm).

The creator of these crosses shares her inspiration:

“We visited Berlin. In the Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church we saw the Coventry Cross of Nails, which was awarded to Berlin from Coventry. From this artwork and the magnitude of reconciliation in the historical context, we were very impressed and excited. This vision and prayer are more important and relevant than ever! Since we could not fulfill our desire for buying something tangible, a souvenir, a symbol which reflects these values, we have developed a memory for us, personally. We have made a personal memory, something valuable, exclusive and from high quality which combines material values ​​with intangibles. Something that we carry with us and which contains our values, all the time.”

The pendant comes boxed with a copy of the Litany of Reconciliation, a prayer which is said every day at Coventry Cathedral, and in Communities of the Cross of Nails around the world.

Click here for more information about the Cross of Nails and Coventry Cathedral.



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