Angel Prayers

This simple prayer idea can work with all ages, and is perfect for Christmas services when you want to give some space for people to offer what’s on their hearts to God, even when there are little ones around (though you can use this with just grown ups). It can work with any number of people though if you plan to use it with a lot of people, you might want to get some help with the cutting out!

You will need:

  • Coloured thick paper or lightweight card
  • A piece of music to play
  • Time to cut out as many angel templates as you need…
  • Pens

Before the service, cut out as many angel templates as you need (one per person) on white or angel coloured paper. Download template here. We went with rainbow paper.

In the service make sure everyone has an angel.

Invite them to write their own prayers on the back of the angel (lower half only, avoiding writing on the wings).

Depending on the rest of the service, it could be a general prayer, or something more specific, such as a thank you prayer, or a person they want to pray for.

Once they have written their prayer, they can ‘make’ their angel.

While they are doing this, play a suitable piece of music. We went with a lovely version of ‘It came upon the midnight clear’.

Finally, decide what you want people to do with their angels. They could just take them home, or add them to a Christmas Tree (that’s what we did) or some other kind of display.

And that’s it. Really simple, but very effective.

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