The Trauma of the Cross

Listening to the Passion Narrative on Palm Sunday, I winced at the description of Jesus’ humiliation, torture and death. It is a painful story for anyone, Christian or not to enter into, but perhaps as a trauma survivor it is particularly triggering. I still find it difficult to watch atrocities on the news, or read…Read more »

Christ the King

This time last week I was in Berlin. I was privileged to be part of a group of clergy from the Diocese of Coventry visiting communities of the Cross of Nails in that great city. For four days we heard extraordinary stories of people working so hard to bring reconciliation to that great city. Stories of past,…Read more »

Why I Love Board Games

I love board games. I always have done. I still remember the glorious triumph of finally beating my Auntie Pat at Scrabble for the first time when I was seventeen (it’s possible I’m a bit competitive). I was in hospital at the time, but she wasn’t going to let a small thing like that stop…Read more »

Gazing Prayers

How do you connect to God? It won’t be the same answer for everyone, so at St Clare’s we like to try lots of different ways of praying. One thing we’ve found is that most of us really value having something visual to focus on, and one idea that has really worked is ‘Gazing Prayers’. In…Read more »

I came back to God in a wetsuit!

My journey to St Clare’s by Ruth Nelson Thirteen years ago I was a member of my local parish church and even in a leadership role. However, I wanted a more relational type of church gathering and what did all that church thing mean anyway? Locally there was a group of people in their twenties who…Read more »

Stations of the Cross

INTRODUCTION Reflecting on Christ’s death is an important part of our spiritual journey.  We can do this at any time, but Holy Week is the week in the church calendar when many Christians put aside time to think about Jesus’ last days and crucifixion, culminating of course with Good Friday. One way that many Christians use to…Read more »