St Clare’s are honoured to be supporting the work of Proof Bakery, a Coventry based social enterprise who train and hire refugees as their bakers of really delicious bread and cakes. 

Proof bakery seeded bread
“We serve our community with really good bread and create fulfilling jobs for refugees. We’re passionate about building a business that provides a sense of dignity, purpose and belonging for its bakers.”

Proof have recently gained more space for baking, and want to make the most of it, but more baking means they need more equipment.

That’s where we come in. We would love to provide Proof with a new baking tray rack, and the trays and cooling racks to go with it. You can buy them a tray for just £6.50, or you could buy a whole tray rack for £160. We hope to raise enough money for them to buy the rack, 16 baking trays and 10 cooling trays, but any extra money we raise will go towards buying more equipment. Please buy as much as you can, and THANK YOU.

Give now to the work of Proof Bakery

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Part of a 16 tray bakery rack

£10 buys one level of this £160 bakery rack. You can buy more than one if you'd like to!


Aluminium baking tray

We need 16 of these trays to fill the baking rack. You can buy just one... or several. More trays means more delicious bread.


Zinc plated cooling wire

Proof need something on which to cool all the extra bread they'll be baking. 10 of these would be perfect.



Proof bakery Amina
The number one priority: ‘employment is considered to be the single most important factor in the successful integration of refugees’ (Refugees, social capital and labour integration in the UK, 2014). This is what motivates everything we do at Proof!

THANK YOU for you support.