The Earth Cries Glory: Daily Prayer with Creation by Steven Shakespeare


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The Earth Cries Glory: Daily Prayer with Creation

Steven Shakespeare

This beautifully crafted daily prayer companion is for everyone who wants to integrate spirituality with daily life.

Rooted in one of the most pressing concerns of our age, it offers a fourfold pattern for prayer throughout the day to renew attention, understanding, compassion and delight towards creation.

Part One offers eight sets of morning, midday, evening and night prayers where the seasons of the Christian year are paired with those of nature:

* The Path of Shadows: Winter – Advent and Christmas
* The Growing Light: Early Spring – Epiphany
* The Seed of Promise: Spring – Lent
* The Fire of Life: Beltane – Easter to Pentecost
* The Greatest Light: Summer – Ordinary Time 1
* The Gift of First Fruits: Lammas – Harvest
* The Time of Gathering: Autumn – Ordinary Time 2
* The Call of Memory- All Souls, All Saints

Part Two, Praying with the Elements, includes four rites for occasional use. A sequence of newly written biblical canticles is also included and an introduction to the nature of prayer.


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