Secondhand Books: Worship & Liturgy



At St Clare’s we have a wide range of secondhand books on a wide range of topics. All our secondhand books are £3 each.  You can purchase one or more books from the list, please add the number of books you would like to the cart, then indicate in the ‘notes’ section at purchase, which titles you want.

These are a selection of the worship and liturgy books we currently have.

  • Lord for all seasons: Meditative Prayers on the Lectionary readings years A, B & C, by Ted Burge
  • Living Liturgies: Transition time resources for services, prayer and conversation with older people, by Caroline George
  • Seasons of the Son: A journey through the Christian year, by David Winter
  • Liturgy of Life, by Donald Hilton
  • An hour on Sunday: creating moments of transformation and wonder, by Nancy Beach



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