SPIRITUALITY: On retreat with Henri Nouwen


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To mark the 25th anniversary of the death of Henri Nouwen, one of the most beloved spiritual writers of contemporary times, this retreat companion offers a guide for spiritual transformation and growth based on Nouwen’s own writings and experience. Nouwen’s own spiritual journey, marked by a restless quest and yearning for an experience of the divine, led him down paths familiar to many spiritual seekers today. The questions he wrestled with are the same that speak to our own hearts: Who am I? Who is God? How do I know God loves me? Where is God when suffering surrounds me? How can I find interior peace in anxious, troubled times? On Retreat with Henri Nouwen provides a retreat experience for both individuals and churches seeking to renew their self-understanding and purpose. It offers connections to contemporary life, points for reflection, prayer pauses for contemplation and prompts for engaging in one’s own spiritual quest, whatever shape it may take.


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