Gazing Prayers 2020



As the third anniversary of the first Covid lockdown approaches, we have decided to discontinue our 2020 Gazing Cards. Remaining stock will be sold unpackaged (no plastic wallet) for just £2.50 a set, or FREE when you buy a set of our ordinary Gazing Prayers. These cards and accompanying litany provide an opportunity to reflect back on the COVID lockdown, Black Lives Matter, and Climate disasters.

A resource to help us as we pray and reflect on the events of this extraordinary year.

The Gazing Prayers 2020  are a collection of beautiful printed cards, which can be laid out, so people can gaze at them as they pray.

Our Gazing Prayers 2020 pack contains 45 postcards, featuring 15 different photos (3 of each image) primarily focusing on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the Black Lives Matter protests and the on-going effects of climate change.

When you purchase a pack, you will also receive a link to a Powerpoint presentation containing all the images and prayers.

For ideas on how to use the cards, look at this blog post.




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