ADVENT/CHRISTMAS: Dreamers and Stargazers by Chris Thorpe


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Creative Liturgies for Incarnational Worship: Advent to Candlemas

Dreamers and Stargazers is an imaginative and engaging collection of liturgical worship material for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Candlemas, offering a wealth of new words and inspiration. Especially designed for a time of year when churches welcome visitors not familiar with traditional rituals and language, these creative liturgies focus on God’s presence among us and in the world, reflecting the grounded reality of the incarnation itself. Complete outlines are provided for reimagined seasonal services for the entire period of Advent to Candlemas, including the lighting of the Advent candle, crib and carol services, and events for the new calendar year. Each one will enable churches to explore the full promise of these seasons as they resonate in the world’s joys and sorrows.





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