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Our Creative Retreat bags are designed to provide everything you need to spend a day in quiet contemplation, exploring creativity as a way of connecting with God.

About these bags:

Sometimes it can be hard to simply be still in God’s presence. The ‘to do’ list nags at our brain and our hands twitch towards our emails. In these times a creative retreat day can be a great alternative. Entering into God’s presence through his nature as creator, allowing his word to nourish us as we form letters or pay attention to likeness can help us to slow down and spend time with God without distraction. After all, you can’t check your phone when your hands are covered in clay! Don’t let yourself be distracted by trying to make something other people would admire, the process of attentive creation is your purpose rather than mastering a craft.

The SKETCH bag. In this bag is all you need to spend a day in creative contemplation and prayer, sketching and drawing.

It contains:

  • A One Day Creative Retreat Activity Book, to give you ideas and inspiration.
  • A quality board back A5 sketch book,
  • A pencils, eraser & sharpener set in a fabric case,
  • A coloured pencil set and
  • A charcoal pencil
  • A candle which burns for 13+ hours, so can stay lit for the whole day and some matches to light it with.
  • 2 Bible Verse Postcards, with beautiful pencil drawn images, for reflection and contemplation
  • And finally… have a cup of tea, with a choice of three teabags.




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